La Breadwinner Is Next To Blow

“LaBreadwinner” Valentine is no stranger to the complex format or rubric of doing so. In 2021, he blessed the world with sonically aesthetic winners like “VVS”, “Drip Talk”, and “Demons”. This time around, He releases the CeezaBeatz produced, drill energy, come-up-story, and slick-talking anthem; “Salvation”. Let’s take a journey through this heavy-weight, real-life, and organically produced banger. LaBreadwinner greets his opposition with, “Y’all n*ggas straight losers” and “y’all never been outside” setting the tone, feeling, and mood for his new record. Looking at his accomplishments, LaBreadwinner continues with his laid-back rhythmic drill flow elaborating on how he has all his trophies on him and remarks, “don’t you dare try me” warning his critics and opposition to let him shine or consequences will not favourable. CeezaBeats takes you on a journey with a sped-up sample, massive basslines, and a masterfully placed slick piano key beat with speaker cleaving drums as LaBreadwinner sails effortlessly through “Salvation” while explaining his own salvation.

Salvation is defined as redemption, or deliverance from loss, ruin, and harm, which is fitting for this track seeing that LaBreadwinner has been through it all and found breakthroughs and major success with music. His flashy, quick-witted, and grimy New York demeanour bleeds through as he exclaims sternly but almost with serendipity how “all the women love him when he goes out” and his haters respect him and know “not to cross the line”. When you listen to this immeasurably royal sounding, interlude style, and celebratory anthem, it gives you vibes of the grind, the hardships of wearing the crowd as well as keeping it, and the fruits of your labour all in one single.

CeezaBeatz and LaBreadwinner test the charts, the streets, and the opposition with this single and are ready to take the 2023 charts over and continue the New York drill movement with an exciting twist escorted by Labreadwinner’s life journey, his accomplishments, his downfalls, his success, and most clearly heard in his music; passion. What things are in store next for Labreadwinner? The music microcosm continues to look on as 2023 opens with “Salvation”; a strong message to the hip hop community that not only is LaBreadwinner still here, but he isn’t leaving anytime soon, isn’t afraid of the competition, and invites the challenge of any musical status bar that is set.

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