King Genesis – No Support

King Genesis motivates the masses with his turn up music

FORT WORTH, TX – Turn up and get motivated. That’s what listeners of the new album from Fort Worth native King Genesis will be doing. 

“Dominate: The Success Story” is the kind of hard-hitting project that is undeniable in its ability to get people on their feet and revved up to take on anything in their lives. It’s an album that explores the battles people go through when trying to achieve their dreams and the struggle that comes from trying to maintain success. 

“Every success is a struggle,” King Genesis said. “Our goal is not just to make it but to be the best. This album is very personal to me and really shows people how I came up and what I’ve wanted to do, and how I would react if I made it.”

One of the standout singles from the album is a song called “No Support” which has been getting some major attention of late. It’s a song that King Genesis said was born from a personal experience with some friends, and it’s one that not only helps him vent but also introduces people to the emotions that come from navigating tough relationships sometimes.

“When I was working on “Dominate”, I had a couple of roommates and one day, something went missing. They thought I took it but I didn’t. But they got mad at me anyway and tried to cut me off. I was mad, and I came up with this song because it feels like you’ve done something and you don’t have the trust or the people behind you. When it came to the dream and all that I wanted to do, I had no support at all. I don’t know too many people who do motivational things like me. Most rappers I follow aren’t doing that. So my main thing is to do my music to motivate people to realize their dreams, no matter what they are.”

Oftentimes, that motivation comes in the form of “aggressive” lyrics. Not that King Genesis wants to be pigeonholed into a specific type or style. He can be chill at times as well, and is quick to point out that he’s a versatile musician. But if there’s one thing listeners of “Dominate” can look forward to, it’s an aggressive delivery that is meant to get people turnt up. 

“It’s one of those projects that even when you’re having the gloomiest moments or having a bad day, you can turn my music on and all of a sudden you’re turning up and you’re motivated to get up and fight whatever it is,” he said. “Your dreams are bigger than this. You can’t stay depressed forever. I used to be there and I know what it feels like. When my crew split up because of a lot of crap going on between us, it was irritating and I was depressed. But I learned that you can push through that and still keep chasing your dreams. And if I can feel like that, then I want everyone else to feel that way, too.”

Following up “Dominate,” King Genesis said he’s got another EP called “Excellence: The Cinematic EP” slated to drop sometime in the next couple of months. His goal with the project is to use it as a soundtrack of sorts, to go along with a film he’s also developing. The current plan is to have interchanging songs and skits. He’s also working on a second version of the EP which will feature the musical score only. He said that second version will drop later this year.

“I hope that at the end of the day, my music is known for the kind of music that saved peoples’ lives when they least expected it,” King Genesis said. “One day, people will look back and say I was out there trying to save the rest of the world and making sure we were alright. People can turn to my music in their time of need whenever things get hard. And when they listen to me, they can always be motivated and always strive for the next level. There’s a difference between a millionaire and a man who’s successful. A millionaire will make a million and be done, but a successful man will always try to find the next level.”

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“Dominate: The Success Story”