Keithian – “Pillow Talk”

Sharing yourself with someone over pillow talk is an intimate and unique moment, one that comes during the quiet times of a night where your guard is down and your heart is open. Keithian’s soulful vocals and rhythm and blues melodies depict the story of being deceived by someone you’ve almost fallen for. It’s a relatable tale of opening your heart to someone, only to realize it was all a lie.

“Maybe I was lying to myself. Maybe I wasn’t falling for her; maybe I was falling for my own hopeless romantic desires.” – Keithian

“Pillow Talk” narrates the longing for a deep connection with someone but realizing they don’t want the same thing you do. It leaves you feeling lost and confused. The production adds a layer of romantic push-and-pull, found in most tragic love stories.

The second single from Keithian’s upcoming EP (…to my Pain), “Pillow Talk” comes off the heels of “Birds,” which received 450K streams on Spotify. While working on music for Rihanna, Keithian connected with Caribbean producer and keyboardist, Oliver Delcros-Sainville. The two spent a week together, and it was out of these sessions that the beginnings of …to my pain was born.