Kamos Releases ‘828’ Visual “Free Speech”

Originally released as a single in 2022 and later added to Volume 2 of his 828 EP series, Kamos drops off the official visual for “Free Speech.”

The small-screen interruption of the RE:VCT produced track was directed by MUNDO and serves as the debut promotional video from the Bronx-bred bar smith’s upcoming 828 full-length. This timely HD-clip addresses how politically charged conversations are easily misinterpreted and result in harsh judgments or even cancellation by society. Kamos raps: “Is my speech really free? I got questions to ask, but sort of scared to speak. Don’t wanna be canceled by a culture for a tweet. Who is to blame, do you point it at me?.”

In a press statement, the east coast emcee reveals:

“Free speech was created after I was told another song I was gearing up to release may be too harsh or triggering for people to digest. This led to me having writer’s block for the whole day, because what is there to write about when your thoughts are being judged. This record is the result of me trying to resolve that internal creative conflict.”

Hailing from The BX borough of New York City, C.K Reid bka rapper/producer Kamos is a self taught musician who began his journey in the arts at the age of three. Always infatuated with the soulful sounds that come from music, his dad saw his passion for Hip-Hop as a youth and installed FL Studio on their family computer when he was nine. Shortly after he became familiar with the production software, Kamos’ father helped him transform his bedroom into a home studio.

In 2014, Kamos generated internet buzz with his nostalgic record “MYFB.” He shortly followed with “Own Supply,” a twist to Notorious B.I.G.’s “Ten Crack Commandments,” and then “Better Doe.” Kamos continued to build and perfect his sound, working with local talent as a producer for their records. Now focused fully on being a recording artist, in 2022 he released Volume 1 of his EP series 828. Volume 2 was released earlier this year in January, followed by Volume 3 in late February.

Watch “Free Speech” on VEVO below and stream Volume 3 of Kamos’ 828 EP series on your DSP of choice via Kamos Music/DistroKid.