Jui$e Leroy – “824”

Kobe Bryant 1978-2020

The world still mourns the loss of soon-to-be first ballot NBA hall-of-famer Kobe Bryant. In honor of his memory, Jui$e Leroy has released a new song paying tribute to the late-Los Angeles Laker and his daughter. Produced by Zac Brunson (Justin Bieber), in “824,” the star on the rise channels his Mamba mentality as he reflects on the life and times of the icon which he remembers iconic moments in his career like his five championships and inspirational messages. Leroy created the emotional song the evening of Kobe’s death while in Los Angeles, California.

“In honor Kobe Bryant my team and I released a song commemorating the legacy and effect that he had on me,” Leroy wrote about where he was the moment he heard of Kobe’s passing. “Coincidently I was in LA at the time of his untimely demise. I woke up to My manager Shamar saying, ‘guess what bro, Kobe died.’ I blew that off like stop lying just to fact check him and realize it was true, unfortunately. We had a recording session set and the first beat that @zacbrunson played talked to me and I openly expressed what I felt at that moment. He pulled out his guitar and went in. It was all surreal but this tribute to him is from a real place and from the experience of the energy felt in LA and all around the world at that time. Live long Black Mamba.”

Jui$e Leroy is recognized as currently one of the best lyricists in Dallas, Texas. Coming from an area who pride themselves on their chopped and screwed and trap melodic sound. He goes left with a traditional jam-packed verbal execution on every track. Every word is identical, crafty and sophisticated. Methodical, Jui$e Leroy epitomizes the true meaning of the phrase, Lone Star.

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“824” is available on LegnaConnekGroup/FangGang Records.

Mamba Forever. Stream “824” now, courtesy Spotify.