Jerome Whitaker Reflects On The Haters In Diss Track “Pistol Primadonna” | @Ez_Ljayy

It’s been awhile since hip-hop received a R&B diss track. Detroit, Michigan’s very own Jerome Whitaker hits our site today to take aim at any negative energies surrounding his career with “Pistol Primadonna ” When asked the story behind the song he replies, “ I am reflecting on being unappreciated and overlooked by supporters. Also family, past significant others , haters and im even dissing myself. I really let my feelings out on this. It is a single from my upcoming EP ‘Impact 2’ and it even has a remix version with Krizpy boi on the feature and the official studio album version. I wanted to represent Detroit as I did downtown at the fox theatre stating I can sell out a show by myself & Comerica park as a past date. It’s historic as well because Drake’s diss song ‘Back To Back” was the World Series concept so I took from that and  I wanted to represent being the best mainstream artist out opting back and forth from singing and rapping.”

With all of this information given to us about the song, Jerome still has us wondering who exactly could this song be about. However, Jerome always leaves us wondering and that’s what we love about this artist. Click play on “Pistol Primadonna ” and let us know what you think!