Jay Against Humanity – Straight Fire

New single from Jay Against Humanity is
‘a whole song full of quotable bars’

BALTIMORE, MD – Jay Against Humanity, who is from Detroit, Michigan, has felt like he’s the only one who had his own back – the only one who could see the dream he had for a better life and who had the fire in his belly to do whatever it took to make that dream become a reality. He fought against haters and even people who seemingly went out of their way to stop his momentum. In fact, at times it seems like it was him against all of humanity. 

He could have buckled under that pressure, but instead he embraced it. It inspired him to go harder. He started doubling his efforts. He took that chip on his shoulder and put it into making the kind of legacy-lasting music that only artists once in a generation create. 

Out of that work came his newest single, “Straight Fire” (feat. Rocky Badd) which is a precursor to his new EP “I’m Chillin’ 2”. This EP is set to drop later this year. Described as an introspective look into his life and the things he’s had to overcome to get to this point in his career, “I’m Chillin’ 2” is the kind of project that will have people hitting “repeat” just to catch all of the gold dripping from his bars. It’ll also take listeners through a variety of moods and emotions – from party records to love songs to singles oozing with aggression. 

“‘Straight Fire’ is a whole song full of quotable bars,” Jay said. It’s almost as if someone was in a cyper or a freestyle booth – it’s just all bars. And in the middle of that, Rocky brings her fierce lyricism and shows why she’s one of the top rappers in Detroit. She is one of the emerging female artists out there and she really brings the fuel to help spark fires with this project. I’ve known about her for a while and I’ve been a fan of her music for the last four or five years. She has a lot of dope singles out and I just reached out to her and asked if she wanted to collaborate on this project. I’m a real lyricist and I’m also in tune with myself, which is a big part of being a successful musician, I think. You have to be able to be vulnerable and personable. Everything I make is influenced by my real life, and that’s my idea of being vulnerable and being out there and not being afraid to be myself. Rocky does that too, and that’s why I knew she’d be perfect for this song. I want my music to inspire and heal people. I’m real big on healing and helping the community and helping the people. And more than anything, I want my music to be the kind of music that people can reflect on and remember at different times in their lives to help them out in any situation.”

“Straight Fire” is currently available across all streaming platforms, and “I’m Chillin’ 2” is set to follow in the next couple of months. 

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