Jake Vicious Call-In The Stars For New Single “My Mind”

The gangs all here. Popular stars Jake Vicious, JUFU, and Dyson Alexander, link up with EasyTapez on the boards for the fun-loving PSA track, “My Mind.” The collaborations deliver the anti-drunk driving message in the promotion of drinking responsibly and catchy lyrics about love loss and yet to recover. The head bobbing hit will make you think twice about getting behind the wheel of a vehicle intoxicated.

“This record was the first time myself and Dyson collaborated with JUFU,” says Jake Vicious. “After coming off of such a huge hit as “Who R U”, we really wanted to help him and Don (his manager) craft something special. Once Easy hit us with the beat and JUFU started writing, the song became apparently special. I think we all struggle with connecting to the people we love the most at times. Dyson & JUFU were just able to describe that feeling best sonically.”

“My Mind” is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of Jake Vicious as he prepares to skyrocket. Hailing from the DMV, Vicious discovered his calling while working as a featured music producer and mixing engineer at the Grammy Award-winning production company House Studios (Kendrick Lamar). The single is available on all platforms via Vicious Music LLC.

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Feel free to check out “My Mind” below.