Introducing a superstar in the making, “SOSTER” an artist from the hometown of Maryland

Coming from a musical background, creating music came naturally, and built a good environment for Soster to began experimenting with making his own music.

Soster has recorded several songs that has gotten his city attention in the multiple years of him recording his song professionally. One of the first song that put the Maryland Musician on the radar was with his single called “Love & Hate” giving the artist a huge buzz locally and racking up close to 100k streams on all platforms. Making everyone take notice to this young artist making serious moves.

SOSTER’s music has its own unique sound. Frequently he addresses trauma, pain, heartbreak, etc. When he’s producing, his vocals, they’re smooth and melodic. The sound is easy on the ears and soothing in most people option, and since Soster makes music based off life experience, it makes his music extremely relatable.

Soster has blessed his fans with another song that is sure to make them go crazy with his new single “I Want More” a high tempo melodic banger closing in a 40k alone on Spotify within 2 months of it release.

The Soster superstar has his vision set on being one of the best artists of 2023, and with his enormous support from his fans and dropping consecutive gems, he is sure to reach his destination at the top of the charts.