Hustlenomics book looks at 50Cent revenue generating Power

Damola & Big Heff’s new book talks 50Cent economic impact globally.

Press Release:

At Owners Illustrated Magazine, we have spent the past 18 years covering the economic impact of Hip-Hop culture.

50 Cent graced our Premier Issue in 2003, and since then, he has become a value-creating machine. From 2002 till 2020, 50 Cent has created over $14 Billion in realized value. How he has done this is an untold story of the American Dream. His tale spans surviving an assassination attempt to being integral to multibillion-dollar acquisitions by several publicly traded companies like Lionsgate, Adidas, and Coca-Cola. The diversity of these industries speaks to his economic and cultural impact, product creation skills, and marketing prowess.

Hustlenomics® Presents 50 Cent Success- The Untold Stories of The American Dream. The Guerrilla Marketing Unit General

How His Unconventional Techniques and product creation skills generated over $14 Billion in realized value

Speaks with several of the people involved in his economic impact. We speak with 50 Cent himself multiple times in addition to manager Chris Lighty (who unfortunately is no longer with us), and James Cruz who is currently the manager for P- Diddy. His DJ Whoo Kid who worked hand in hand to build the brand through alternative distribution channels also speaks exclusively.

We also speak with his fashion designer, RG Vasquez, former Reebok marketing executive, Q Gaskins, former Pontiac executives, Craig Bierley and Chris Hornberger, and some of his G-Unit artists over an 18-year period. We give a first of its kind in-depth economic impact analysis of an icon and businessman in the hip-hop industry. This book is written by Damola Idowu EIC of Owners Illustrated Magazine and Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor, Midwest Promotion representative for Def Jam Records.

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