Hunni Releases “Every Now and Then,” Ft. Asherbee Music Video

There are many different ways to approach hip-hop music: this is one of the many reasons why this genre has been able to soar to the top of global music culture, becoming the king of innovation in music for quite some time. Some artists have a more melodic approach, while others bring more energy to their sound. Hunni managed to find the sweet spot, somewhere in between, as shown on her most recent release, “Every Now and Then”. The song also features Asherbee, who brought a unique twist to the track, enhancing its diverse appeal. The song kicks off with a vocal part, which beautifully straddles the lines between rap and poetry, bringing motivation and inspiration to the audience. Hunni’s lyrics throughout the song are personal and intelligent, combining catchy vocals with an extra twist and very immersive musical soundscapes.

In addition to the great performance value, you’ll immediately appreciate how this song blooms and bursts out of your speakers with so much depth and clarity. Every element in the mix seems tailored to jump out of your stereo (or headphones) and you really get a nice sense of punch and spatiality with every note. This release is a strong insight into Hunni’s work, and it is very promising as an indicator of a bright future ahead for such a talented recording artist. In other words, “Every Now and Then” is an impressive milestone that deserves people’s attention!

Find out more about Hunni, and check out “Every Now and Then”, which is now available on some of the best digital streaming services online.

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