Hip Hop and Hypes exclusive interview w/ artist Fly Lingo! | @flylingo

What’s going on Fly Lingo? Please introduce yourself to our readers and tell us where you’re from.

Ay what’s good. It’s your boy Fly Lingo. I’m from Clayton County(Clay Co)


What was life like growing up in your city?

Life was hard at times. Growing up my mama made sure we didn’t go without but she could only do so much so I had to start getting money on my own & I’ve lost a lot of people from gun violence in my city it’s a lot of hating going on but they know how to show love also


How did you come up with the name Fly Lingo?

When I first started rapping I said a line” your girl love my fly lingo” & I told myself that sounds like a dope name so I stuck with it. Plus I feel like the name itself has a message behind it of how I can play with words & kind of put pressure on me to make sure I go to another level on every song


Who or what influenced you to do music?

Lil Wayne, young dro, Tupac, Jay-Z & Future are some of the main artist that influenced me to do music & just coming from a struggling family & not having much to turn to music was my answer to a lot of things. Once I noticed I can really make music & play with words on a higher level I stuck with it


You have a hot new single called ‘Bag Talk’. Tell our readers about it and where it’s available.

Yeah Bag Talk is my first ever single & I feel like that’s the type of song no matter if you in a bad mood or good mood it’ll make you want to dance or go out. If you getting money it make you want to go out & have a good time & if you broke it make you want to go get money. It’s a real feel good song & it can be found on all streaming platforms


What else can we catch you doing besides Music?

Really I’m just always working on my craft & thinking of ways to make more money. I’m slowly working on writing my own movie out & spending family time. I’m a very busy man so spending time with family means a lot


What can we expect to see from Fly Lingo coming into 2020?

A lot more music. The last 2 years I didn’t drop much music because I was building myself as a better man & as a better artist. Working with different styles but keeping it 100% original. I’m dropping way more videos & I have a project I’ll be dropping at the top of the year also I been working on


Where can we keep up with you online?

@flylingo on all social media


Any S/O’s?

I just want to shoutout my family for being there for me & my fans for the support & the ones that stayed around through all the bullshit the ones that still wanted to see me win. I want to even shoutout the ones that turned they backs on me because it made my story even better