Grant Sing Releases “If You Let Me”

Singer, songwriter, and producer Grant Sing is a triple threat that is about to be the biggest thing in today’s music. The Phoneix native has been around writing for many artists. Now it’s his turn to step into the forefront. His first release, “If You Let Me” has an upbeat R&B/Hip-Hop tempo but showcases his vocal range. The song tells of a love story we’re all familiar with. It’s the idea of letting someone in, making you feel vulnerable, for a shot at love.

According to Grant.. “there was a time in my life when I loved a woman so much that I was willing to give her almost anything to prove my love for her, but I was never really able to…because a man can only show a woman those things…if she lets him.”

The song was produced by Dat Boy Good Beatz and is perfect to sit back and ride to.