Godbliss Drops New Single “Hood Politics” Featuring Benny The Butcher

Godbliss regards lyricism as the core essence of hip hop, drawing inspiration from iconic lyrical figures in the genre such as Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Kool G Rap, KRS-One and Big L. In his latest release, “Hood Politics,” Godbliss delves into the intricate dynamics of street politics, paralleling the way governments engage in political affairs.

The decision to feature Benny The Butcher on the track stems from Godbliss’s recognition of Griselda Records’ consistent dominance in the underground scene for the past seven years. Benny’s unwavering prowess with his bars aligns seamlessly with Godbliss’s vision for the project.

A shining example of Benny’s lyrical finesse is evident in the line, “Overseas touring I’m staying at a Paris Hilton, then a few weeks later a nigga ran into Paris Hilton.” This clever wordplay showcases Benny’s ability to intertwine wit with lyrical depth.

Following Benny’s impactful verse, Godbliss elucidates the essence of the song during the chorus, offering his perspective with the line, “Poly means many and ticks are blood suckers, so Politics means many blood suckers.” This analogy adds layers of meaning to the track, emphasizing the multifaceted and parasitic nature of hood politics.

Godbliss injects the track with lethal yet humor-laden bars, exemplified by lines such as, “The scope ah beam like a beacon and leave your whole body steaming. I’ll have your girl’s eyes rolling like she’s possessed by a demon.” This combination of wit and lyrical dexterity adds a distinct flavor to “Hood Politics.”

Released on Halloween, “Hood Politics” sets a haunting tone with its slow, methodical, and thumping beat. The atmospheric production enhances the thematic elements of the track, creating an immersive experience that aligns with the spirit of the eerie holiday. Press play below.

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