From Finland to Brooklyn: The Journey of KOKO

The world of music is a melting pot of cultures, sounds, and stories. In this exclusive interview with Shah Cypha on “On The Grynd Live,” we get an inside look at KOKO, an artist whose journey from Finland to New York City exemplifies the grind and passion that drive the music industry. KOKO’s story is one of diversity, self-empowerment, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams.
A Blend of Cultures: KOKO’s International Soundscape

KOKO’s music is a testament to her international background. Hailing from Finland and spending part of her life in Brussels, Belgium, she brings a blend of Northern European sophistication and Middle European jazz and funk to her music. It’s this eclectic mix that sets her apart, making her sound a breath of fresh air in the New York scene.

KOKO mentions her fondness for the jazz and funk she experienced in Brussels, stating, “I definitely have like funk elements in my music, especially from the time when we lived in Brussels, because we went to see like a lot of jazz, for example, at all times.” This richness in artistry isn’t just serendipitous; it’s intentional and a core part of who she is as an artist.

The New York City Metamorphosis

Moving to the epicenter of varied artistic expression, New York City, KOKO continued to evolve her craft. It’s here that she found the latitude to further her studies in sound engineering and delve deeper into the music world. Attending SAE Institute of Technology was a decision that would shape her future, immersing her in a community that lives and breathes sound.

Yet, it isn’t just about the music for KOKO. It’s about being “in motion,” as she refers to her debut LP, aptly titled “Coco Motion.” This project encapsulates her experiences and growth during her time in the States. Each song represents a timestamp, chronicling her evolution from an international student to a New York artist. “It’s like a timeline, almost like how my journey has been here,” she reflects.

The Beacon of Self-love and Empowerment

Amid the beats and melodies, there’s an underlying narrative in KOKO’s music: the importance of self-love and empowerment. These are not just themes but the lifeblood of her creative expression. KOKO is on a mission to inspire, guide, and remind listeners of their inherent worth and capacity for love.

She doesn’t shy away from her advocacy for mental health, recognizing its significance in today’s society. For KOKO, music is a medium for healing and spiritual growth. “My sound is conscious pop,” she says, signaling the reflective quality of her songs and their purpose to resonate on a deeper level with her audience.

As we recap the indelible impression KOKO has made in her interview with Shah Cypha, it’s clear that her trajectory is not simply one of personal ambition but also of universal resonance. Her music, imbued with both her Finnish and Brussels-influenced roots, has found a nurturing home in New York City, blossoming into a soundtrack of self-development and positive vibrations. With a firm stance on female empowerment and mental health, KOKO’s presence in the industry goes beyond entertainment; it’s a catalyst for transformation and healing. Her upcoming LP, “KOKOmotion,” is set to ripple through the collective consciousness, reminding us all to stay in perpetual movement toward our highest selves.