Former VH1 Star Cali Luv Plays in Celebrity All-Star Game

The inception of reality TV created many stars – one in particular – Cali Luv from VH1’s pioneer reality series, Real Chance of Love. If you’ve missed her and wonder where she’s been, you can find her among other notable stars who played in the recent Celebrity All-Star Game in Las Vegas earlier this month. Held during pro bowl weekend, this event organized by Trevon Diggs of the Dallas Cowboys brought together NFL players, celebrities, and influencers to benefit charity. Cali played alongside NFL stars such as Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, and Micah Parsons, while others of notoriety, like Boosie BadAzz and Dave East, watched from the crowd. The legendary Dennis Rodman was her team’s coach, and Cali was one of very few women invited to play for the second year in a row. This comes as no surprise, as Cali’s magnetic go-getter personality and determined-to-win mindset sets her apart from the rest.
Cali is not only talented on screen, but off as well. She is a business savvy serial entrepreneur who’s built her OneTwelve brand over the years, which is comprised of mentorship, e-commerce, and a swimsuit line- OneTwelveSwim. You may have seen her designs worn by some of the biggest reality stars, socialites, and Instagram models. She has also helped hundreds of people launch successful online businesses and continues to mentor to date.
Cali has expanded her reach while maintaining relevance and a solid fan base. When asked if it was easy going from famous reality star to entrepreneurship she said, “I’ve had to work ten times harder than an average entrepreneur because I get judged for my looks and background as a reality star.” But, through all the challenges and false judgements, she continues to win. Whether it’