Emmy’Anna – Through Some Shit

Fearless young artist, Emmy’Anna releases new single “Through Some Shit”

PRATTVILLE, ALABAMA – The fresh and versatile Emmy’Anna is a music maker who is not afraid to dabble in multiple genres. Masterfully blending R&B, Rap, Pop and a little bit of Alternative Rock, she is not timid about changing up her music style and trying things she has never tried before. Her adventurous spirit shines through in her recently released single, “Through Some Shit.”

The song’s title and hook came about from a late night phone call with a friend whom she had feelings for at the time. He was talking about his life and the challenges he was going through. “I remember he said ‘I’m going through some shit,” Emmy’Anna said. “To help lighten up the mood, I said ‘I just have to hoe through some shit.’” The single, which was recorded in Montgomery, Alabama, flaunts Emmy’Anna’s captivating vocals and unique writing style.

The artist is making music that is relatable in her community and beyond. She does not shy away from writing about mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Although many groups are dealing with these concerns, Emmy’Anna believes they are particularly relevant to her own community. “When you’re African-American, it’s not really talked about in our community especially among African-American women,” she said. “Everybody just expects us to be strong.”

Emmy’Anna has been involved with music since she was a small child. She began writing songs when she was 8 years old and got into Hip Hop at 13. She and another classmate would write raps in class then spit them during breaks in front of the rest of the school. Emmy’Anna participated in her first of many talent shows in 3rd grade at Edgewood Elementary, and another one in 5th grade in which she won first place singing and portraying as the late ‪Mahalia Jackson‬. She was also asked to sing for a black history month program in 6th grade in front of the entire School of Discovery. 

During her senior year of high school at Houston County High, Emmy’Anna won first place in a school talent show when singing TLC’s “No Scrubs.” For the second round, she blew the judges away with her acapella version of “All I Could Do Was Cry” by Etta James. After high school, Emmy’Anna was accepted into the SCAD Performing Arts College, but was not able to attend at the time. At 15 years old, she recorded her first song, “Superman” with two others from her school. The song was a huge hit – she received numerous compliments on her verse and everyone had the song on their phone.

Growing up, Emmy’Anna enjoyed listening to old school and new school music, with some of her greatest musical influences coming from Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, The All American Rejects, Michael Jackson and TLC. At first, she tried to sound like the artists she admired. Over the years however, Emmy’Anna has developed and refined her own sound, and has grown to feel more comfortable in herself with her original style. “Now I’m more mature in my music as far as knowing that it’s important to have your own sound and not try to sound like anybody else,” she said.

Talented and flexible, Emmy’Anna is worth keeping an eye on. Working on new projects, the artist stays busy by writing every day and is eager to get back into the studio as soon as possible. She is passionate about music and she knows it is what she is meant to be doing. Her life philosophy is reflected in her message to listeners: “Always be yourself. Always do what makes you happy. Don’t do anything that doesn’t resonate with your soul. You will know if you’re doing the right thing.”

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“Through Some Shit”