DirtySouthAngel (DSA) Drops New Project ‘On Ice’

Charlotte’s DSA prepares to catch the mainstream’s attention with the release of his anticipated project, titled On Ice. The follow-up to his 2022 album, All That Went Wrong, the new 12-song project displays DSA at their best with witty wordplay, great production, and hypnotizing tracks that will keep you listening from beginning to end.

Featuring Nextime, among the tracklist are breakout songs such as “Off The Rails,” “As A Feign,” and “In The Air.” DSA describes the new release as new-wave, alternative rock, and shoegaze. The sound is a mix of cloud rap, underground music, and the beach.

In a span of 8 months, On Ice is a body of work inspired by the winter and inspired by DSA’s infaturation with the legendary band Linkin Park. “I’m excited about that because my close out project for the year,” DSA said in a press release. “Quinanu will be dropping in December. Made by just me and my closest friend Ripazure. We’ve been making music for 2-3 years and have finally pulled together a sound for an album of our best songs. It’s inspired by my late grandmother who passed away this year.”

And with more to come, On Ice is the perfect origin point for newfound fans to hop on the DSA bandwagon. Get familiar with the rising star, hit the play below.

Stream the new album, below.