Dheezy x Bizarre – Killah Kombo EP

Today accomplished  Australian rapper Dheezy delivers his newest track “Flip Em  All The Bird” ft Bizarre of D12 and Shady Records infamy.  The song is taken from Dheezy’s 6-track Killah Kombo EP that features D-12 (Kuniva & Swifty McVay), Obie Trice and production from multi-platinum producer K.E. on the Track.

Bridging the gap across the Pacific to the gritty streets of Detroit, Michigan, Dheezy releases the collaborative effort with Bizarre and various members of Detroit’s Dirty Dozen aka D-12 with hopes of building his fan base on both sides of the Pacific. 

On the heels of Bizarre’ s He’s Got a Gun album with Foul Mouth, the connection with Dheezy happened in perfect timing. Making the most of his time with D-12, Dheezy filmed the music video backstage during the Snoop concert with Swifty McVay and Kniva.

“We filmed a music video back in March during the Snoop Dogg concert when he was touring. with just Swifty McVay and Kniva and so we were up there and filming parts of  the video. It was really fun to work with those guys, they were like real nice and super chill to get along with, cracking jokes,  and yea it was just lots of fun,” Dheezy explained.  

Getting the assist from M-80 and his Holy Toledo  Productions, Dheezy explained how the project came together  with his help and willingness to help put together features.  

“I put my first track out in 2013 on Soundcloud and so I put a  few of my tracks on there over the years, but then I didn’t start  taking it seriously until 2019. By early 2021 I started to do  something with it after meeting up with M-80,” Dheezy said. “The first time I contacted M-80 it was for a feature. Then I was  just seeing all the opportunities he could bring. I thought about  how I wanted to put it all together. It was originally just a few  features, then I started talking to Bizarre on IG and we put  together an EP and it became the Killer Kombo.”  

Fans of the new underground and the old school will embrace  this throwback sound led by Dheezy’s off-the-wall rhymes and  peppered with Bizarre’s signature flow and unfiltered lyrics.  

While Dheezy is looking to break out of the Australian Hip-Hop  scene he is nevertheless thankful for all of his support at home  and locally.  

“There are a lot of small battle things getting around lately, but I  haven’t stuck my nose into local stuff. I have been more focused  overseas, but I would like to get more of a local fan base here  and do more shows.”  

Noting that his sound may be difficult to pin down, Dheezy has  been drawn to the metal-influenced rap.  

“My sound is kind of hard to describe. I have a lot of different  musical interests, including Limp Bizkit, and more of the metal  rap sound that I like. I’ve been working on some of that. I can’t  really nail down a particular style but I guess I’m a bit  experimental or whatever.”  

Additional guest appearances on the project by members of  D-12 include Swifty McVay and Kuniva and Bizarre while Obie Trice appears on the track “Shake That Ass.”