#ComingSoon Chri8 ‘Chri8UnmixedUnmastered’ the EP

(Memphis, TN) Get Money Team Records (GMT) is proud to announce that Chri8 has finished his EP and it will be available on ALL streaming platforms May 25th, 2020.

The project titled ‘Chri8UnmixedUnmastered’ is the story of how a boy became a man. A reflection of Chri8’s own struggle. Having a family and essentially entire neighborhood depending on him Chri8 ensure that every move is calculated and is not just for the betterment of his own career but that of everyone that looks up to and depend on him.

Some of the people that have helped make this project reality are of course Ced, CEO of GMT and has been a believer in Chri8 since the beginning recognizing his grind and hunger to succeed. Slim Trax one of the producers on the EP. Gambino, Chri8’s childhood friend. Bad Azz Syndicate member ATI Keynote is featured on the EP even.

Download/Stream: https://open.spotify.com/album/60XxIosBCTDFozhAnP3ttn?highlight=spotify:track:3GOJy6jZIwkj4pC9nMaUuk


Connect with Chri8

Instagram: @Gone_Chri8

Facebook: Chri8/Kre”ate

Booking Email: contact@gmtpromotions.com