Ciroc Devito 2x – Soul Bleed

New music from Ciroc Devito 2X
comes with hard-hitting yet inspirational messages

KALAMAZOO, MI – Ciroc Devito 2X is the epitome of a painter with words. His stories and metaphors put listeners into an ambient trance that transports them to different worlds where sound and style combine to create a lasting memory. His latest visual effort is a single called “Soul Bleed,” a song that explores the depths of deeper relationships. 

“I’m not holding anything back with this one,” Ciroc said of the single. “It’s about relationship problems and problems in the street and emotional problems that we’re all going through at some time – and I sum all that up in one song.”

The single is but another hit from a string of big hits coming from this Kalamazoo, Michigan native. His name is an acronym for Chase It Regardless of Consequence, which he said is the motto of his life. It’s a motto that was born from life on the streets which eventually landed him in jail. Now free on parole, this young artist is using the talents he developed while in prison to connect with fans all over the world. 

“Some people like to go with the flow, whether the outcome is good or bad,” he said. “That’s what my motto is all about. Whatever makes you happy, that’s what you should do. Even though there are things I used to do that I couldn’t tell my momma about, I feel like I got a positive impact from my past and I can pass that along to other people. Regardless of what happens, I’m gonna do what I want to do.”

Ciroc said he takes pride in his versatility and ability to tell a story, though he admits that many might consider his approach to be somewhat paradoxical. But out of that approach, he said he knows he can have an influence on other people – whether that’s as simple as creating a beat that gets people on their feet wanting to dance, or listening to lyrics that connect through “real-life shit.”

“I’m just like every other little kid who was affected and influenced by the greats,” Ciroc said. “The legends of music… I’ve been putting my own spin on it since I was knee-high – looking for punchlines or coming up with a concept for a song. I’ve been perfecting my craft and over the years, I have mastered a new technique. All of that experience and technique combine to make my sound excellent. I had to learn a lot of stuff on my own, but I grew over time and I’m here now with a sound that’s not like anyone else out there.”

That sound is further put on display with two other recent singles that Ciroc said have garnered a lot of attention from fans. The first is “No More,” an emotional song for the ladies in which the artist apologizes to his past loves for the hardships he put them through while trying to convince them that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf. “I’m not a bad dude no more,” he said. The other is “In They Bag,” which is more of an aggressive take on people who are quick to embrace fads.  

“I’m questioning trends and why people brag about being successful when they don’t really have anything yet,” he said. “A lot of my songs have pain to them and are real emotions. Some of that is because I wrote a lot of songs while I was locked up, and I’m starting to release them now that I’m out. I know that other people can relate to them and in some ways, I’m relating to them again in different ways at this time in my life. I’ve killed my old persona and my old habits now that I’m back, and people are seeing a whole new version of me.”

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