Chris Pain releases his latest EP ‘Karma’

Here is an artist that is destined for great and iconic things, and his name is Chris Pain. Born and raised in The Bronx, New York, a area that is well-known for its contributions to Hip-Hop, and the music industry as a whole Chris has been surrounded by talent and inspiration from an early age. He has been consistent in growing and evolving his sound, his writing, and his delivery for over fourteen years, and it’s beyond evident that music is more than a just a hobby or a fleeting interest for him, it’s his lifestyle. Mainly influenced by Hip-Hip, while also taking elements from Pop and RnB, he has painstakingly infused his music with his experiences and his studying of the greats primarily Michael Jackson. His latest project “Karma” is a great example of such an infusion, and he credits an artistic legend of today’s era, Lil Uzi Vert with inspiring him. Diligence and execution is the name of the game, and has allowed Chris to gain a total of over 600,000 streams as well as multiple high-profile article placements, and even a Billboard in Times Square! He credits God for guiding him through the process of this project and his overall journey of music artistry. Get in tune with Chris Pain and don’t miss what’s next, because he is headed for the top!