Check out New Orleans’ rising talent OTB Lucciii now | @OTB_Lucciii

New Orleans, LA’s very own OTB Lucciii wants music fans to check out his EP “Gangster Poetry.” This artist is coming up in the music scene delivering what he calls “hood soul” music. He showcases this in his latest single called “Hustler Muzik.” When asked about the track he reveals, “That song was from the heart. The beat gave me the chills that I had to rap on it and tell my story on it.”

OTB Lucciii is still learning and growing but he’s always finding new inspiration for his music. To get listeners excited for what’s next, he is planning on dropping about 10 songs next to give a raw and uncut vision of his lifestyle. Lucciii is staying true to himself and he is putting on for his hometown.