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Beat Demons – “Fun Dip” Ft Quin NFN

Beat Demons - “Fun Dip” Ft Quin NFN

Recently dynamic production duo the BeatDemons spoke about their success crafting multi-platinum hit songs for the likes of Bad Bunny, Tink, Money Man, Bobby Shmurda, and others. In addition, the duo spoke about their new song with Quin NFN that recently has been taking off on TikTok, titled “Fun Dip.” “We had that vision to eventually work with …

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ZAIA Drops The Music Video For “Demons On Tuck”

Fast-rising new artist ZAIA preps the forthcoming release of his breakout album American Psycho with the release of the audio-turned-visual hit “Demons On Tuck.” Produced by DealtByAce and Brain Tickle Studio, “Demons On Tuck” is a mind-bending mini-movie that syncs perfectly with hypnotizing production and leaves nothing to the imagination. …

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The Bröthel – Bröthel

The Bröthel - Bröthel

Recently California-based duo THE BRÖTHEL released their new self-titled debut album Bröthel. Composed of Camden Premø and JohnBørn, the duo’s performance-based art and hypersexual live show have now morphed into a full-length album of epic proportions that is three years in the making. According to JohnBørn, B.R.O.T.H.E.L. is an acronym for (Beautiful. Relationship. Occasionally. …

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