Boogatti500 – Cap Rap

Surprises await for listeners of Boogatti500’s new album ‘Unstable Mind’

VALDOSTA, GA – You never know what you’re gonna get when you listen to a record from Boogatti500. But if there’s one thing that will always stand out, it’s that this guy is different. 

That’s put on full display with his new album “Unstable Mind” which is currently available across all streaming platforms. Fans who listen to it will know right away that this is an artist who isn’t talking about the same things others in the industry do. And it’s that unpredictable nature that helps him stand out from the crowd.

“With my music, there’s always gonna be that air of anticipation,” Boogatti said. “You don’t know what’s coming but you’re ready to find out. This album is perfect for that. I had a lot going on when I was writing it and I wasn’t myself at the time – but I still managed to make great music. It was a time when my mind was unstable, but my music took me to another area and kind of guided me to the next step in my life. This album explores my mindset and thoughts and creativity. And my whole vibe with it is just unstable. In fact, when you listen to it, you might feel like it’s not even the same person from song to song – like multiple personalities. But I did that on purpose because I want people to get multiple images of Boogatti and a variety of different sounds and styles.”

The debut single from the project, “Cap Rap” is an upbeat, rapid-fire delivery of adrenaline that addresses how often Boogatti comes across people who are eager to talk big but never follow it up with action. It’s also a song that explores the unstable mind idea prevalent throughout the entire project.

Boogatti500 has been working hard in the industry for nearly a decade. He first started doing music at age 18 when he and a cousin decided on a whim to purchase a microphone and record some of their freestyles. Though they didn’t take it seriously at first, over time they realized they might be pretty good and eventually started taking the craft seriously. Since then Boogatti has been making music and grinding year after year in hopes of making it big. In fact, his name is an homage to the pinnacle of his dreams.

“I fell in love with the Bugatti car when I was a young age,” he said. “It was love at first sight. Hopefully, one day I’ll be successful enough to get to buy a Bugatti. I’m trying to go hard and get that. And if you’re 500, you’re part of what we got going on. It’s like a number that symbolizes being set apart from anyone else, which is what I want my music to represent. I hope at the end of the day, people will listen to my music and it will put them in a feel-good mood. I want my music to take people away from the things that are going on in their lives and maybe relate to the things that are going on in their lives at the moment. I’m making relatable content and stuff that makes you feel good – stuff you can dance to. I’m more playful and flashy, but I talk about things in life you can connect to in ways that you can enjoy.”

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