Boo Rossini – Chances Make Champions

Today Mississippi trap music artist Boo Rossini returns with a new project, the Chances Make Champions Gold Medal Edition Deluxe Box SetHonoring the statute of limitations within the streets and ignoring the state’s legal requests, Boo Rossini lived and nearly died by code, surviving rap beef, shootouts, and more as an official member of Young Jeezy’s CTE movement. Somehow throughout it all, Rossini was able to come back home to his family repeatedly, and now he’s adding new chapters to a book with endless stories. 

Choosing to leave the past behind, but remembering where he came from Boo Rossini is recognizing his blessings and remaining thankful to be alive to tell his story on his new project Chances Make Champions. Sharing the ups and downs of his career on his new project Rossini brings to life some of the realest moments of his career for an auditory event filled with drama, tragedy, and triumph. 

Also included in the box set are all of Boo Rossini’s previous mixtapes, which are not available for streaming services, including a Gangsta Grillz project with DJ Drama, projects with DJ Scream and songs with artists like Jeezy, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Yo Gotti and Bone Thugs and Harmony. 

“Yeah, I just wanted to give ’em something more than just the album, you know what I’m saying? I wanted to give ’em like a collector item. I was just thinking it could be a box set, so with the box,  I was thinking outside the box, you know what I’m saying?” “I put together a box of merch, decals, speakers, and a Manifestation Journal. and My Catalog.  I created something for the everyday people.  So like, you know, when they see it on the shelf, it could remind them like, this for the risk takers, the ones that wasn’t scared to take that leap. Rossini said. “ 

I wanted to make sure that fans are part of the movement, like as far as the chance to make Champion. Cause you know, it apply to not just artists, you know, it apply to everyday people that are willing to take that risk. Willing to take that chance, you know what I’m saying? And it takes a lot to do that, for people to step outside their comfort zone.” 

As the first person to bring a Lamborghini through the hood in Jackson, Mississippi, Boo Rossini remains proud of his state and where he’s from, despite the outside perception and the struggles within his own community with issues like clean drinking water and an unjust, and corrupt prison system needing reform.

“I think the perception of Mississippi, when they do hear about it, is it’s not good. The conception of Mississippi is that it’s a poor state, you know, it’s still a racist state, you know what I’m saying? It’s a Republican State and it’s almost like we’re still on the plantation. And, yeah a lot of that is true, you know what I’m saying? It’s a poverty state, one of the poorest states in America, you know what I’m saying? Got a lot of gun violence, limited education, limited opportunity, you know, uh, it’s, it’s one of those states. It’s one of the last states to free slaves, you know what I’m saying? But it’s my home and I’m doing a lot in the community to make it better and speaking out for change.” 

Knowing the state of his community’s circumstances at home, Rossini has done what he could to improve his community. He recently built a 40 Luxury Loft with Rooftop Sky Lounge and Upscale Restarant called TRIO. 

“I’m a progressive thinker, so my thing was, even when I went back home or, started deciding to put my business and plant my roots back home, my thing was to give them something that they wasn’t getting from anywhere else. Like they had to go out of town to get. So I started bringing certain ideas and concepts back home that I would see other places.” 

Recently signing rapper QBG and 6Merta, Rossini has plans to develop artists in his area that live up to the code he demands of those around him. 

“We had a song that was really buzzing in the city. And I just like the way they moved, man, it just reminded me how we used to move in these streets. They forward thinkers and they get it, you know what I’m saying? They’re not hardheaded. You know how certain people, you give ’em the information, they don’t do anything with it. These guys are different. Yeah. So personally, I just want to give ’em my resources, bring them in, and let ’em know, as far as like planning, plotting, and strategizing. I’m going to put my team with them and try to develop them.” 

It’s clear Boo Rossini has plans to give back to his state after having his time to shine. There are bigger issues than rap; maybe the music can change things. Maybe he can have his impact, regardless of current affairs. 

“As far as Mississippi goes, we still dealing with a water crisis, high murder rates, new Jim Crow lLaws and we still fighting for prison reform out here, you know what I’m saying?  So we still dealing with that sh*t out here, I’m just thinking about certain shit like that’s going on in real- time.”