Bonds Simmons new EP release & The New Religion brand

TNR, which stands for “The New Religion,” incorporates several mottos such as “Teach-N-Reveal” and “Truth-N-Reality.” The brand has been actively releasing music since around 2015, and in 2021, it expanded to include a podcast and clothing line. The creator behind TNR is Bonds Simmons, who has nurtured the idea for a decade and is now ready to share it with the world. Simmons, driven by a desire for independence and possessing natural business and marketing skills, launched TNR to create a cohesive platform aligned with his beliefs.

When engaging with the TNR brand, people can expect a diverse offering of clothing, music, and visuals. The aim is to uplift, inform, and entertain the audience through these various mediums. One notable project under the TNR brand is the EP titled “TNR Radio.” This compilation serves as a promotional tool for the brand, featuring a selection of positive and uplifting songs that aim to provide a spiritually joyful experience. The release date for the EP is July 17, 2023.

To stay updated with the brand’s latest developments, individuals can follow Thenewreligionnetwork on Instagram and TNR Network on YouTube. Bonds Simmons can also be found on all platforms. Additionally, Simmons is actively building a presence on YouTube, so subscribing to both his personal page and the TNR Network channel will grant access to the podcast and further content related to the brand.

Check out his recent single ‘Liars