Bellfort3 – “Get Da Bag” (Video)

Fredrick Johnson the third, born and raised on the south side Houston, Texas in the 8200 block of W Bellfort Dr, is mixing his childhood name Tre with his neighborhood. Get familiar with Bellfort3.

Bellfort3 started developing his craft for music in high school, then stepping up to become more serious by recording in college at PV. Changing his attention he enlisted himself into the navy but later deployed from the navy due to injury. When he got back to his hometown of Houston, Bellfort3 kept small jobs to keep up his income and on the side he would find time to work towards his dream to be in the entertainment industry.

One particular session in the studio with local engineer “TUNE”, he recorded a song called “iDowhatiWanna”, he later played the song for EZ ACCESS, they decided to market the song through IG comedy videos to promote the Do What I Wanna brand, the videos went viral, leading to Bellfort being offered roles in movies locally and mainstream such as COMING TO AMERICA 2.

Recently just being offered a role in a Disney TV show, Belfort is showing no signs of slowing down, now labeled Mr. DO WHAT I WANNA, Bellfort is focused and literally doing what he wants on the entertainment industry. Bellfort is here to share his latest video for ”Get Da Bag” produced by Luciano with visual credit for creative direction and filming to Chino Chase and EZ Access. Check it out below and follow Bellfort3 on Instagram.

Watch “Get Da Bag” now.