Beat Demons – “Fun Dip” Ft Quin NFN

Recently dynamic production duo the BeatDemons spoke about their success crafting multi-platinum hit songs for the likes of Bad Bunny, Tink, Money Man, Bobby Shmurda, and others. In addition, the duo spoke about their new song with Quin NFN that recently has been taking off on TikTok, titled “Fun Dip.”

“We had that vision to eventually work with artists one-on-one and it’s happening. Right now we are excited about our song with Quin NFN – this song called Fun Dip that’s going crazy. We are kind of just taking our steps and just looking to work with artists, but we met Quin through our homie Cio and it’s just taken off from there.”

Initially building their profile on the world’s largest producer network BeatStars, Chris Gomez and Mark Hardin were solo producers who teamed up to form BeatDemons and have thrived ever since, putting their egos to the side and developing a multi-platinum chemistry that is only developing further with time. 

“Me and Chris were somewhat known producers in Austin and we were doing our own thing separately, but an engineer introduced us. So then we connected and the quality was good and we made like 8 beats that first day we linked.  So we decided to form a team, Mark already had the name the Beat Demons and so ran with that. The next thing you know we were multi-platinum,” Chris Gomez one-half of the BeatDemons explained. 

“We started selling beats online and we became one of the top-selling producers on BeatStars, Abe is the homie, the owner over there, so shoutout out to Abe,” Chis Gomez said. “We became well known on there, we were one of the top-five sellers, we had the most followers and all that traffic and exposure just led to placements and major artists finding our beats online. Bad Bunny, Tink, and the Money Man song was one of our first placements.”

Their list of placements also includes 6ix9ine’s most controversial song “Gooba” where the duo was later added as co-producers on the record. 

Building off the momentum of musical successes and legal victories, the BeatDemons have shifted their focus to crafting music more as artists and A&Ring songs for release. 

“I think right now we are just trying to take that next step and evolve as producers and take that DJ Khaled route as an artist and A&R. Honestly a song that’s a funny song like She’s Buff that we didn’t even mean to go viral went viral on TikTok, and it’s just kind of motivated us more to become artists,” Mark Hardin said. “We are just trying to use the momentum to dive into the artist’s side. We possibly have something with Bobby Shmurda in the works. He did a remix of the song that went viral on TikTok so part of that deal is to collab on another song. We have a lot going on.”

“We definitely would like to drop something with Money Man or of that caliber and he’s always followed us since then so I send him beats every once in a while,” Chris Gomez said. “We are at a point in our career where we can go above just the title of producer. We are coming up with concepts for music videos. I think we are trying to grow and we are proving we can go viral – we’ve obviously been doing something right. I think it’s time for the producers to be front and center as well and we are ready to do that.”