Aykay – “Who Diss?”

Today Texas bred and California residing rapper Aykay delivers his new single “Who Diss? Playing on sentiments we can all relate to personally, Aykay delivers a gem for the fans in the heat of the Summer.

There’s nothing worse than people you don’t know calling you and such is the case of Aykay on this song as he laments about all the new people calling his phone. Now that he’s gaining popularity with his music, the random calls don’t stop as everyone wants a piece of the success he’s earned.

For the 24sevn produced track Aykay delivers absolute heat refusing to let up on this track for this gem that is set to be released on Sony Music Ent./Orchard/Wealth Nation.

Bridging out from his hometown of Livingston, Texas with limited resources and moving on to the Marines in 2015, Aykay never lost his passion for music. When his time was served and he was honorably discharged, Aykay got back to making music and in 2018 he relocated to Los Angeles to pursue his music career.

Previously published on Hype Magazine, Respect Mag, and Hip Hop Canada, Aykay’s two most recent music videos, “BIG Facts” and “TOXIC,” have been gaining considerable momentum on YouTube over the past few months.

Aykay’s new EP, Diamond Child, echo’s the lyrics of those previously mentioned songs as they explain his parallel development to the development of diamonds.

“It starts as a piece of coal. With time and immense pressure, it is molded into a diamond.—I’m not perfect, which is why I relate to this process so much. This project is my claim, to keep striving to be the best version of myself that I can be,” Aykay explained.

Garnering over 20,000 followers on social media and the streaming sites and generating 40,000 listens, Aykay keeps evolving with the cultural revolution that is music.