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Jay Astraeus reaches for the stars with new EP ‘LU$T’

NEW YORK, NY – With a new and creative style, artist and prducer Jay Astraeus is on a mission to change the sound of Hip Hop. 

Operating out of New York City, this fast-rising young talent has released his debut EP “LU$T” to high praise from industry insiders and fans along the East Coast. It’s the first of a three-part EP, each with five songs that lives under the umbrella of “LU$T.” According to Jay, it’s a project that not only announces to the world his unique talents but also explores deeper aspects of what it means to be successful and achieve one’s dreams.

“The vibe is just where I was at in terms of my mental state when I first started,” Jay said. “At first, all I could think about was money and women and experimenting with certain things. I looked up to that lifestyle when I started making music and I still do to a certain extent – otherwise, I’d just have a regular job and do music on the side. But I want my music to be heard by a large audience and I want a luxurious lifestyle and the women and all the trappings of that life … the lust-filled lifestyle.”

It’s more than just achieving material wealth and notoriety as an artist, however. Jay said one of the most important things he can do as an artist is connect with others in the world and help them unlock deeper truths about themselves and the feelings they try to navigate day in and day out. 

“At the end of the day, I want people to listen to my music and feel something,” he said. “I want them to have an emotional response to it. It doesn’t have to be any one emotion – none of us are only made up of one emotion. I’m not always sad or angry or happy or positive. I’m just a person who feels different emotions, and I want to put that into my music. There aren’t a lot of artists out there who are putting that kind of emotion into their music – they’re just going with whatever will sell. I want to avoid that and be myself and show people my deeper feelings and open up from the heart.”

Ranging from energetic Hip Hop to soothing contemporary R&B swag, Jay’s versatility is unmatched. From a young age, he’s been creating music and over the years, he’s developed a sound that is influenced by both old-school and new-wave sounds. He brings a unique combination of classic emotions with modern flows and productions. Although his rhyme scheme consists of a creative and catchy sound, behind that performance are lyrics full of emotions that few artists today embrace. Jay isn’t afraid to use his music to open up about the struggles of life. While some tracks are fun and uplifting, others provide the lyrical substance many fans today crave. 

Putting all his effort and practice into making high-quality music that deserves a place in today’s industry, Jay began releasing his music earlier this year. His breakout track was released in March and has already garnered thousands of plans across streaming platforms. He’s following that up with the release of “LU$T” and has plans to drop more music to complete the three-part EP over the course of the summer.

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