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Hip Hop artist Anthony Chapman inspires music listeners with new album “The Brow-N Album”

LAS VEGAS, NV – Anthony Chapman, a Hip Hop artist from Compton, California, wants to inspire creativity while enlightening the world and people around him. Anthony achieves this and more with his new album, “The Brow-N Album.” Conscious storytelling about his life and the lives of others is expertly integrated into his music.

“The Brow-N Album” underscores the outlook of black people, what they go through, and how others see this from the outside looking in. The album features a mix of every type of Rap and each song has a purpose and a message behind it. “It’s not just dance music, it’s not just conscious music, it’s not just music for women,” Anthony said. “It’s a message that is being sent.”

Anthony uses his craft to inspire listeners with tracks such as “Relationship Goals.” Vividly telling the story of an addictive and damaging relationship from the perspective of both the man and the woman, Anthony portrays how they are so wrapped up in the negativity; they cannot figure a way out. He is able to paint a picture of real life relationships that touches on the listener’s emotions. Anthony encourages people by letting them know that they are not the only ones who have been in that situation. He said “You have to understand that it is an addiction, and it needs to stop.”

Anthony also talks about his strong views on the afterlife in the track, “Soulgregation” which are emphasized by the hook – “I pray my soul got black skin.” When he gets to heaven, Anthony wants to still be identified as a black man. He also wants to see Martin Luther King Jr., Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, Harriet Tubman and Marcus Garvey with the essence of who they were, even after death. “I want to see these people as they were on earth,” said Anthony, “and not as some spirit where you can’t recognize who they are.”

Released on February 1st at the start of Black History month, the 9 track collection was recorded in Anthony’s self-built home studio. The 32 year old, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Audio Production, has invested thousands over the years in his studio to ensure a clean, professional sound. Anthony also co-owns his production company, Monster Mix, LLC. The production company’s other co-owner, singer and R&B artist B Jay Hill, is featured on three tracks on the album.

Steven Chapman (known by his stage name, Anthony Chapman) is the oldest of four children. His mother suffered from drug addiction and the family was split up while living in Compton. Because Anthony has a different father than the younger children, he found himself in foster care, moving from place to place. It was a hard upbringing and he felt like an outsider. While going through the separation from his mother and siblings, Anthony first started writing music. He said “I turned to music as an outlet to get out these emotions because I never really felt that I had anyone to talk to.”

Anthony grew up listening to old school Hip Hop artists like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill before getting turned on to west coast rappers such as Tupac and N.W.A. The high point in his music journey was discovering Eminem. “That was like the pinnacle of music for me because of the pain that he expressed in his music. I felt like he knew what I was going through,” Anthony said.

Right now, Anthony is busy in the studio, doing shows, and getting ready for a trip to a New York DJ convention. He has big plans for the future including a series of music videos interlinked to create a movie for the tracks on the new album. He is truly an artist with a clear vision, a fresh perspective and some dope beats behind his message.

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