[Album] Bandobrad & SwaggyJo – Seeking Revenge

The creation of “Seeking Revenge” stemmed from the failures and tough times in life that Swaggy and Bando has battled through. From cutting off friends due to disloyalty and toxicity to the struggle for money to pay for the studio and music. The tape explains how both artist used inner pain and struggles to overcome and grow within the rap game. The term “Seeking Revenge” comes from them proving their doubters wrong. They seek revenge in a way that’s not necessarily violent but boasting. The boasting is shown through swag rapping and subliminals. Bando and Swaggy knows who doubted them, whether it was a close friend, a family member, or person they might have assumed would ride for them. This tape is aimed towards them. Swaggy reminisces a lot throughout the tape. One memorable lyric was from “Heartless” when he raps, “I remember times I was down, I had no money, my pockets was short I was bitter,” to provide listeners with a sense of where his passion is stemming from. Bando does the same on, “Imperfect” with “Used to not be allowed, now we own the building, seek revenge with success it feels amazing.” More and more throughout the tape, both artists take us back to show why they’re both on this hunt to prove the doubters wrong, as well as how they look at it now that they are receiving a little success in the rap game.

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IG: @swaggyjo_