89K Shares New EP ‘Almost There’

89K is an emerging producer/recording artist with a unique sound and all the intangibles that make a super producer. And with a bright future ahead of him, he prepares both new and old fans for what’s to come with the latest EP, properly titled Almost There. The five-track collection is helmed solely by 89K-himself.

Almost There features the best of 89K yet with a signature sound, experimental elements, and a tremendous amount of ambition. The project’s standout tracks are “Heavy” and 89K’s favorite, “Run It Up.” 89K’s latest effort follows his 2020 run, which released five buzzing singles such as “Look 4 a Prayer,” “Nite Ward,” and “Noisy.”

Almost There is only the beginning. 89K promises new music on the way and a forthcoming album in 2023. “It’s gonna be like an alternative RnB album,” 89K shares. “I’m signing on and producing the whole thing.”

For newfound fans and 89K being an artist-to-watch, Almost There is the perfect origin point to hop on the 89K bandwagon.

Almost There is available now on all platforms via VIPERSOUND LLC. For more on 89K and his new music, follow him here.

Stream it here: