Nevermore Studios Mints NVCOIN for Artist Payments  and Royalties

Tevin Johnson, Nevermore Studios

Today Nevermore Studios CEO/Founder Tevin Johnson has announced the official launch of NVCOIN now available via Pera Algorand wallet. NVCOIN will serve as the official creator token of nevermore studios replacing cash for all record label and management functions.   “We minted 100 Billion of  our own cryptocurrency by successfully coding onto the algorand blockchain. …

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MGE Is The New DMV

Since 2013, Record label MGE has been going hard to earn their throne as a powerhouse bound to get DMV music acts heard. Home to household names such as rappers Fat Trel and Z-Wayne, their label boasts talented young artists on the rise NSC Kai, MGE Gizzle and 23Rackzs as …

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Seanbennett618 Drops New Banger “More Cheese More Dope”

Seanbennett618 release his latest single “More Cheese More Dope” as soon as the song starts you instantly know what’s about to happen when you hear the hard hitting 808’s with the old school sample from Project Pat “Cheese & Dope” Song. It wasn’t one dull moment the entire song and …

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Cali Luv Launches Her Summer 2022 Swimwear Line

Cali Luv (Christina Ly) is a model and former reality television personality who rose to fame on the VH1 reality programs Real Chance of Love and I Love Money 2. She has over 110,000 Instagram followers, making her a popular social media influencer as well. Before fame she worked as …

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Introducing Extraterrestrial Music Group

Extraterrestrial Music Group is an Independent Record Label founded in October 2020 By 24-year-old Tyriee Kasper better known as “TK” in the industry. Extraterrestrial specializes in management, development, and distribution but has recently branched into the gaming industry with “ETMG Gaming” who is off to a fast start. The sole …

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