Isa Wong, better known as YOURPLUGSFAVORITE™ is a star in the world of digital marketing and hailed by The Digital Journal as the Queen of Underground Music Promotion for independent artists. She provides a lifeline for unsigned artists to compete within the industry. Her digital marketing firm 513 Development is a one-stop shop for artists to create their vision and find their fans organically. YOURPLUGSFAVORITE™ has a passion for music that drives her to find all of the resources artists need to succeed.

YOURPLUGSFAVORITE™ has a network that includes playlist curators, blogs, and clothing brands looking to partner with artists. These relationships coupled with her expertise of a variety of ad platforms makes her the perfect accomplice for artists trying to take their career to the next level.

513 Development aims to help independent artists see themselves as a brand by creating consistent marketing across platforms and consistent advertising strategies that target fans strategically. 513 Development offers artists label quality support that is within their budget with services such as Spotify and Audiomack playlist placement, PR services, digital marketing including ad optimization services for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, and creative direction.

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