Hip-Hop and Hype interviews artist SamD

What’s going on SamD? Please introduce yourself to our readers.
Hello beautiful people. How y’all doing? I hope it’s exceptional

How did music become your passion?
No lie I’ve been rapping for a while but I remember seeing 50 cent in the P.I.M.P music video and he had the cane and the beat buckle with the jewels and the chosen one light gleaming off of him and I was like,” yeah I wanna be like him”. Since then it’s been apart of my everyday life.

Since you’ve got involved in the music industry, what’s the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?
Just really getting a real fan base behind me. Not knowing how to get my music out there to where I’m more than just some local artist tryna get on.

Tell us about your single ‘Move Around’ and where it’s available.
Fasho, it’s a vibe for me personally. I try to express the what I’m feeling when I hear the different sounds. It’s about you know going through the motion while getting close to someone or reconnecting with the past.

Any plans for an album?
Of course. I’ve got tons of material. It’s in the works with DangerZoneMuzik1

What’s next for you?
Mo fire 🤣🤣. Nah fr just grinding so I can reach the masses and break through that barrier

Where can we follow you online?
Facebook Sam Dadon
Instagram AWMSamD

Any S/O’s?
Fasho. 1up to Mystic Entertainment. Big Ups to DangerZone Pod cast crew and DangerZoneMuzik1 and 1up to ARS Atlanta. And shout out to all the readers and listeners. I appreciate you guys a great ton.

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