Daygo Fatts – 1stand15th (Album)

San Diego recording artist Daygo Fatts drops a new album surrounding the only days of the month alike in the streets in 1stand15th. Out now, via own imprint, Fatts displays growth and intrigue throughout seven new songs that kicks off his 2022 in a major way. Stream it now.

The #1stand15th started in 2019 as freestyle videos Daygo Fatts would post to Instagram. Free content over industry beats done specifically for his fans twice a month, it’s popularity grew over the course of 2020 during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown with 17 total videos from the first series. Following the success of his virtual tour, Daygo decided to bring the #1stand15th videos back for season 2 but this time with full production videos.

The projects breakout tracks are “Comin For It” and “Watch Me Live.” Afterward, for more on Daygo Fatts, follow him on social media.

Check out Daygo Fatts’s new track below.