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Menace – Freaky Hoe

Decade of dreaming becomes reality for Menace with
forthcoming album

GOLDSBORO, NC – Though Dariyon “Menace” Wooten has always been around musicians and the inner workings of the music industry, he’s never until recently ventured out on his own as a solo artist. After years of dreaming of a career in music, he’s finally ready to announce himself to the world with a new album he hopes to release by the end of May.

It’s the culmination of a journey that started around age 14, when he had the opportunity to audition for a recording group. He’d dabbled with music and made a bit of a splash around town and as a result was given a unique opportunity. But the chance came with a catch: his parents had to sign their permission, and if they did so it meant they’d agree to a possible tour of many months. They declined, instead encouraging him to finish school and telling him, “If music is in your blood, it’ll eventually come back around.”

Though it has taken nearly a decade, that music has come back around. And a large reason for that is the relationships he’s developed with multiple artists over the years. Longtime friends with Eazy E’s children, he was afforded opportunities to meet and develop friendships with people like Big Gipp from Goodie Mob, or Tisha Campbell Martin. He found himself invited to music conferences and asked to join in performances or songwriting. And the more he put his musical talents out there, the more those people encouraged him to pursue a career in music.

“What’s so crazy and what separates me from the rest is that I’m not known, yet people within the industry know me,” Menace said. “I don’t have a record deal yet, but I know that it’s coming. I’m leaving it up to the Lord – if he wants me to be in the industry, it’ll happen. But I’m gonna take it by storm. Good things come to people who grind for it, and I’m starting to see the payoff of that hard work now. I saw the vision before, and the reality is starting to manifest.”

Menace said he is taking the Tupac approach when it comes to recording his first studio album. He’s saved money and booked time in the studio so that he can walk in with an archive of material and bang out song after song until the album is complete. The vibe he’s going for, he said, is a darker gangster rap – a “gutter vibe,” if you will, that he will portray under the title  “Life as a Menace.”

“It’s life as told by me,” Menace said. “It’s an autobiography of my own music. I’m a menace on the microphone. One person once told me I was ‘raw and gutter,’ which is where the name Menace came from. But I’m trying to stick to original hip-hop – that 80’s style of hip-hop with my own little twist. I’m going to share what I’m going through and what I’ve been through and I know that those are things that will connect with other people. I knew I could make it in this industry, but it’s been hell getting there. And this album will show that I’m just a working man trying to come up.”

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