Y Sit GetteUp EXPOSED For Sex Tape With Transgender Model

Did Y Sit GetteUp made a sex tape with a white transgender model? On Monday, all hell broke lose on the internet when a video was released of Y Sit GetteUp being spotted outside of a sex club in city name flirting with several white women, and then later making a sex tape with a transgender. Although the story does seem a little farfetched, a video leaked of the sex tape. Watch as photos and video surfaced of Y Sit GetteUp wearing the same red color ski mask and saying “I just hit this sex club, i f*ck nuffin but bad bit*hes on piru, Black, White,
Asian, Mexican idgaf.”

The first sex tape was recoreded and put on pornhub, xvideos and etc. A trans escort exposed him over the Halloween holiday.

Watch as T.i.’s cousin Y Sit GetteUp is caught have sex with a tranny.

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