Hip-Hop and Hype chops it up with artist Nu Era

What’s going on Nu Era? Please introduce yourself to our readers.
What it do its NuEra Mr Fitted 4 the game checking in live and direct.

Tell us about life in your city growing up.
Growing up I’m my city is jus like any other urban community you gone do something constructive or get lost in the streets outside of that it’s all love.

What’s the origin behind your name?
It started with my love for the new era brand hats and fitted caps was consider the real high price authentic one before snapbacks was popular.

Who or what inspired you to do music?
My sister she would have all the cassette tapes from Master P, Tupac, Jay Z, Wu Tang & other artist’s like Ludacris, Lil Wayne & T.I. Those are the ones I gravitated to once I was able to get music on my own.

Tell us about your new song called ‘Cake’.
Cake is one of them feel good hustle songs you can start your day off to ya kno make sure your game plan and formula is right when u present yo hustle.

What can we expect from you in 2021?
U can expect a lot of good music & consistency.

Any other current business ventures?
Yeah we are working on all Clothing Line called Koncrete Hustle which means your hustle is cemented it’s not going. anywhere

Where can we follow you online?
You can follow me on Instagram @nuera_gmz

Any S/O’s?
I wanna give a shout to God & my Mom I know watchin down on me guiding me every step of the way also my inner circle I appreciate everything yall doing let’s keep it going!

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