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NOW Entertainment – 478 Gang @OfficialNOWEnt

Now they are getting ahead of the game with intellectual lyrics.

Now they have creative verses that move the masses. The 478 Gang Mixtape on Spinrilla is a glimpse into how much their lives have changed. To many, this is an enlightenment too big for street dawgs to achieve on their own. In the gossip channels online, many say that Now Entertainment’s success has got Illuminati written all over it.

Let’s not forget that the Now Entertainment crew occasionally drops outlaw lyrics as a flashback of their pats. And this electrifies the crowd. Fans love the dark stories. For SK, JHugh, Flothadone, and Excluzive, their dark past is now a light into their future.

How did Tony M Fountain ever managed to get them where they are? It is all too similar to the story of Obama, Rihanna or Kanye. Black magic? Conspiracy theories even pick up extra meanings and narrative strands from their lyrics. Tony M Fountain denies all of that. He says that it is sheer hard work.

Stream/Download on Spinrilla: https://spinrilla.com/mixtapes/now-entertainment-478-gang

Facebook.com/ OfficialNOWEnt

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