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Mr. Unpredictable, @Misskaycoo Gets Real With @Milomaestro


I met Milo Maestro at a Makin’ It Magazine listening party at ILounge. Every time I make it to a Makin’ it Mag event, I meet dope artists. This night was no different. There wasn’t a free seat in the house well before midnight. By the time the night was over, everyone wanted a picture with Maestro. I chopped it up with the hot new artist a week later between one of his 10-hour studio sessions. It’s that kind of dedication that gets him over 1,000 YouTube views in less than a week.


Where are you from?



Really? What part? Miami is just like my city, people love to go there for vacation. I was in South Beach three weeks ago. 

Miami Garden. We’ll call it Carol City. You gotta hit me up. Can’t go to my city and not invite me.


Word. How long have you been in Atlanta?

15 years. I’ slick from here, I’ve been here so long.


Did you go to elementary, middle and high here?

Middle and high school.


Oh yea, you are from here. How did you get your name Milo Maestro?

Milo is actually my birth name. I had a Cuban friend, Terrell Trip, who always called me Maestro . He died as a kid so the name stuck with me. That was my brother ya know, first real friends hit.


Is there a phrase that describes you? Ex – Mine is “Hell in Heels”

Yea. The one phrase I came up with and live by, “I came from nothing, so I came for everything.”


What is your style like?

I just do shit. I’m in the middle, like Drake. I’ll do super hardcore rap, then very sexual R&B. I’ve been told it sounds like different people.


What single are you promoting? 

Mo Chedda Music – Right Now produced by CASHCLAYBEATS!


I like that. The song is hot, the video is hot. I digg it. Are you coming for someone’s spot in the industry or do you believe there is room for everybody?

I really think there is room for everyone. But, I have realized when a person can’t match your talent, they try to match your street cred. They should have just studied the game, been creative, and reinvented themselves.


We have had two known artists die in the past 48 hours. Do you think it’s the industry or the lifestyle?

I definitely think it’s their lifestyle. Being in the industry causes us to be careless, feel invincible, etc. I’m not saying that’s what happened in their cases but, I believe the streets are savage. These streets are for real and I can’t forget that my crimes will come back. You just never know when.





Who gets the first bag when your songs start changing colors?

My team and those who helped me get the bag, family and friends second and third. The team is the only goal without support you have nothing. No one blew up by themselves except maybe Soulja Boy


How many people are on your team? 

About 30 – 40


What female rappers do you really support by way of streaming, promoting, etc?

Cardi B and Remy impress me. I got respect for Nikki, I liked her earlier flows a lot more than the new stuff but she’s dope regardless. I think Eve is the Queen.


Really? Eve? I’m a huge fan of hers too. How long have you been down for her?

Always, I don’t know what it is but some people you see them and you whisper to yaself, “Now that’s hip hop.” She did that for me.


How important do you think it is to have a message in music? 

I believe there’s a message in all music. Where people mess up is when they think that if they don’t hear the message or see it, then it’s trash music. No, the message isn’t for you.


How do you show the DJ’s love?

I don’t cause honestly they don’t. I can’t blame them, they have a difficult job. They are trying to blow up in other ways.


Are you #nonewfriends within the industry?

I guess so cause you not my friend cause I’m hot lol. You gave me a real listen because I’m buzzing. Ain’t no friends, just opportunists and I respect that.


How do you want to be remembered at the end of it all?

Remember that I spoke from the heart. Not to be rude but, I don’t know how to do it another way. I keep it as real as I can.


Where can your fans find you? 

Youtube – Mo Chedda, Twitter – @milomaestro, IG – maestromochedda




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