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KrazyTune – Cash ft Lil Johnnie | @KrazyTune

Twitter: @krazytune Instagram: @krazytune https://open.spotify.com/album/4KFZHHktioQHMApumZMX9e

What up I’m back with a new single from KrazyTune on Spotify titled Cash. KrazyTune linked with Lil Johnnie on CashCash has more than 1,300 listener’s this month with a total of 62K streams!! I am excited to see how well this record does so take a sec to stream “Cash below and add this dope single to your playlists.
Check out a few playlists which are already supporting this hot new single! Smoked Out Radio  Hip Hop 101 Digital Dope Independantz Daze just to name a few!!
Follow KrazyTune on Twitter and Instagram: @KrazyTune
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/5kRodClldu9TaP6QhhyVIf?si=XfibCnI1Tjqxvwg25-BGrg

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