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It’s a Hip Hop Thang. Highly Unique Radio Captured a Trail Blazer. Meet @Misskay.coo

Credit: GoN Postal Films

It was Slick Rick’s Children’s Story that opened the door for me. Even as a little, little girl, the beat made me feel something crazy. I took the tape to my 3rd grade teacher because she promised to play our favorite songs; she opted out. That song went on to become one of the most sampled songs of all time. A good beat makes any day a great day. Music inspires, awakens, and educates. When the 808 knocks and the lyrics fit the needed expression, it’s like a defibrillator for the soul.


Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh were tight so it wasn’t long before I was in awe of beatboxers. When I saw DJ’s scratching records it blew my mind. My mom had a turntable! I wasn’t too young to connect the dots and I fell in love with the creativity of hip hop. Common, Busta Rhymes and LL Cool J quickly became favorites and I knew who the Beastie Boys were long before they were on MTV.


Twenty-something years later, music is life.  I am a radio personality on Highly Unique Radio, a writer, and an occasional doo-wop girl. I also run Go’N Postal Films and Cant Stop Music. I feel like it’s my duty to help protect the integrity of hip hop. This is one of my many platforms I use to achieve that goal. Lots of indie artists are better than some of the artists that have songs on the radio right now. My network is dedicated to raising those indie artists up.

Credit: GoN Postal Films

Music has changed a lot in the years since Slick Rick swept me away and it’s still not what you see on TV. Stay up with me as I navigate my way through the scene and the industry as a fan, artist, and a boss. Get in on the action and use your voice. Reach me through WriteMissKay@gmail.com. Follow my IG – MissKay.Coo.  If you like Twitter you can can get @misskaycoo.  Catch me on one of the hottest unedited radio stations. Every Tuesday from 9p – 12a you can catch me on So Kold Affair. Stream for free on a desktop or laptop. If you are in Atlanta  you can come in and have the ear of our listeners for an hour. The network pulls in over 700,000 listeners. If you aren’t ready for greatness then, you can watch us be great through social media. Stay close for everything. You have no idea what they just gave me access to. Just remember, it ain’t a movie.


Credit: GoN Postal Films

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