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Hip Hop And Hype interviews GB3! @gbtre3

What’s going on GB3? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.
What’s up world it’s the OG GB3 coming in by way of Alabama trying to see what we can make happen in this game for our brand Hilltop Hustlers and trying to put out some great music because the game truly needs it.

What was your inspiration to become a music artist?
First it was my dad because he use to play blues and jazz music all day long when I was young, so I’d say that started it off. Then my big cousin taught me the rap game and from there we all knew that I had something different in me.

With so many independent artists out here what makes you different & sets you apart?
Well I might be one of the only artist that’s not claiming to be rich already, I’m also a lot older than most newer artist so when you’ve seen and done more you have more things you can make music about. Most artist now want to be superstars but me not so much.

For those who may not have heard your music, how would you describe it?
I would describe it as understandable. I put out a clear message in a clear tone and it leads to a great sound. It’s definitely for the streets it’s definitely that south.

Currently, what single / video are you pushing & where can we find it?
Right now I’m promoting 2 singles the first is called IN THE AIR. The ladies love this one so I had to put it out there for everybody to hear the video is coming soon. The other is called I’M GONE for everybody that likes to get out and go, video out now. Both can be found everywhere online YouTube, ITunes, Google Play, Amazon and every other online music provider.

When you step in the studio, what are some things you must have on deck?
Just a great beat and a great engineer.

How did you come up with your name?
It’s actually my initials but it sounds so good when you say GB3 that I had to stick with it. I’ve been using it since I was a kid I’ve always gone by my initials.

Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc]
First you can reach me at Gbtre3@gmail.com for any business matters or booking info, u can also find me on social media @gbtre3 plus ITunes, Google Play, and You Tube.

Any Shout Outs?
“To all my Hilltop Hustlers and to Tampa Mystic for the love.”

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