HipHop & Hype sits down w/ Fluid Outrage for an exclusive interview! @FluidOutrage

What’s going on? Please introduce yourself and tell us where you’re from.
I’m Fluid Outrage From Nashville,TN, born and raised.

What was your inspiration to become a music artist?
My Inspiration came from life experiences, the greats that came before me, and I also come from a heavy musical background. So it was natural for me to do music not just rap music i also produce as well.

With so many independent artists out here what makes you different & sets you apart?
With the game being so clogged up, I feel like Ima seasoned veteran- a student of hip hop that has grown into my own legend. My story is authentic and original and I understand production and sound very well.

For those who may not have heard your music, how would you describe it?
My music is street soulful, it connects with the listener, the production that I pick is always on point for my style.

Currently, what single / video are you pushing & where can we find it?
Right now, Im pushing ‘GDSI’ (Good Dope Sell Itself) featuring my homie Young Freq and you can find it on my VEVO channel or my youtube page @FluidOutrage.Also you can get the single on Tidal Right Now!!

Whats your definition of GRYND?
My definition of GRYND is to put it all on the line and get results and keep doubling till you can’t double no mo. Elevating your hustle beyond the level that you never that you could take it to.

How did you come up with your name?
Fluid Outrage Came from my personality, my mood swings, the battle between me and my higher self .Also with me being a Gemini I needed something that represents the 2 Sides.So Fluid is the smooth and savy guy and outrage is that me against the world ass nigga.

Tell everyone where they can find you? [Websites, Social media, Booking info etc]
All my social media is @FluidOutrage from SoundCloud, Spotify,TIDAL, IG,Twitter. Booking info is

Any Shout Outs?​​
Shout out to my team always holding business down,Also go get My new album out now Called Before Rap Its on all Online Stores , shout out to The Grynd Report Media Group, and also Atlanta Dj’s for fucking with my music.Its Always Love .

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