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B. Roy – If U Wanna Ride | @BRoyLBR1

Louisiana Based Singer/Songwriter B. Roy Releases Hot New EP “Love Story” on March 16 LOS ANGELES, CA – Ever since he could remember, B. Roy has always felt the music run through his veins. Coming from a musically inclined family, the artist remembers how much he admired his grandfather playing …

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Jay Stonez – A1 FishScale II | @Jay_Stonez

Chicago-born rapper shows off more mature sound with new project, ‘A1 FishScale II’ CHICAGO, IL – When Jay Stonez dropped his first mixtape, “A1 FishScale,” a couple of years ago, it was a project that he considered to be an homage to his hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Growing up on the …

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C Ball – Thug Bitch | @Official_Cball

C. Ball breaks free from criminal past and launches into future with new music AUGUSTA, GA – Growing up in South Augusta, Georgia, Christopher J Brown never really fit in atschool. Academics were tough for him – so much so that he dropped out of school in ninth grade. With …

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Ron – Friends | @__R_O__N__

Ron taps into tumultuous teenage years with new EP ‘Teenage Daze’ MILWAUKEE, WI – A new artist out of Milwaukee, Wisconsin wants to remind you what it was like to be a teenager. Still a teenager himself – for another year, at least – Ron has a unique insight into …

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King Paris – Problems | @KingPtoturnt

Atlanta-based rapper delivers ‘turnt’ music with five new singles ATLANTA, GA – ToTurnt. It’s a phrase that Atlanta-based artist King Paris created to describe his unique style. It’s the perfect definition of his music: live and turnt up. “I make party music,” King Paris said. “I make turnt music. That classifies …

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Skip Jackson – Juug by KumLaudeMusic

Musician with the total package invents new genre he calls ‘Aggressive Soul’ SHREVEPORT, LA – Skip Jackson is a man who has always been right smack in the middle of America’s cultural hip-hop influences. As a native of Shreveport, Louisiana, he has Atlanta’s trap influences to the east, New Orleans influences …

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