A.C. – The Journey

Hip Hop purist and emcee A.C. Thompson drops inspirational debut single ‘My Journey’

DAYTONA BEACH, FL – Diquon “A.C.” Thompson Sr. is a new-school artist with an old-school soul. His stage name “A.C.” (Artistic Creation) is the perfect description of the kind of original sound and style he brings to the table. On top of that, he writes lyrics that relate to the people. He knows what people have gone through and he uses his past experiences to inspire others to overcome any trial or tribulation that might come their way.

“You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem,” A.C. said. “I already made my choice, and I’m sharing what I had to do to get to where I’m at and what’s my goal next with my debut single, ‘My Journey.’ It’s the story of the beginning, middle and present of my life, and I think people will be able to relate to me through the whole song. I’m from Maryland and my whole life so far has been drugs and the struggle of getting out. I moved to Florida for a new life and because I needed to get my kids out of that. We’re here to start fresh and new, and this music is going to set us on a new path.”

As far as debut singles go, A.C.’s offering to the world is head-and-shoulders above amateur. When listeners get a taste of “The Journey,” they’ll immediately feel like it’s a song made by a seasoned professional. But that should come as no surprise from an artist whose family hung with Rap stars back in the day such as Jay Z  and who’s like a family member Emory Jones. He’s seen first-hand what it takes to make high-quality music that caters to the masses, and he’s putting those lessons to work on this new single. That’s why it’s sure to be a hit.

“Music has a way of touching people, and Jay-Z’s and Big L’s music touched me,” A.C. said. “It’s amazing how he put rhythm and rhyme together to keep people focused. That’s what I want to do. I want to start touching people and help people with their stories. I think that happens through music. And when it comes to sharing my story through music, I do that through an old soul sound. I’m more of a pure Hip Hop, old-school emcee kind of artist. I like to think I’m revolutionary. I’m a problem solver for people. I rap about every problem that I had so hopefully, somebody else who has that same problem and doesn’t know the solution can learn from what I do. I’m a knowledgeable rapper and I’m inspirational. When you hear my music, you know you’re gonna learn something and you’re gonna have fun.’

Following his debut with “My Journey,” A.C. plans to drop another single this summer called “Mind Over Maniac.” He’s also hard at work building his new label, Dream of This Entertainment, which he said will eventually begin signing new artists. A video for “My Journey” is also scheduled to drop in late April or early May.

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